The failure of modern missions

Devoid of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment and a clear understanding of the gospel preach by Jesus, many Christian missionaries and their umbrella organisations are rapidly shifting focus and adjusting methods to achieve new, more pragmatic goals. After sitting through numerous talks from visiting missionaries at my church this year, one thing has become exceptionally clear – the gospel and the social cost of conversion is no longer preached, churches are no longer planted, and young Christians no longer discipled. Instead, the focus of missionaries now seems to be firmly fixed on goals that teach third-world people how to overcome poverty, end human slavery, and become more environmentally sustainable – with a little bit of Jesus thrown in on the side. But these goals are not the goals of Jesus, and completely ignore the biblical teachings on sin and salvation through Christ alone. The distressing fact is that many Christian missionaries are now nothing more than secular humanitarian aid workers, and like Esau have traded in their birthright of Holy Spirit empowerment for a pot of goat stew ‘pragmatic success’.

Even more disturbing is the new ‘gospel’ many missions organisations are instructing their missionaries to preach to people of other cultures. Among groups where the dominant religion is hostile to the exclusive claims of Christianity (e.g. Islam), Christian missionaries are now encouraged to tell local people that they can ‘convert’ to Christianity by believing on Jesus in their own hearts, yet outwardly remain conformed to the local rituals, customs, and traditions of their culture. In other words, a  person no longer needs to fear persecution and social exclusion for conversion to Christianity; according to the western missionary they can silently and secretly believe in Jesus, and carry on worshipping whatever pagan deities they did formerly. And missions terminology is changing to accommodate the new approach. A person of this persuasion is referred to as ‘a Muslim who believes in Jesus’ – yet counted as a ‘Christian’ when it’s time to tally the results and success of the mission.

I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t been told directly by a missionary who quite rightly felt wrong about all this pragmatic compromise, and changed from one support organisation to another because of it. Neither is this an isolated case. This article from Lighthouse Trails confirms my observations, and shows how Christian missions everywhere is failing.

Indeed, the most disturbing element of all is the depth of commitment shown by the apostate church to support the goals of Babylon, blindly following without discernment the blueprint for a future global humanist kingdom ruled by the Antichrist. In this global expression of Babylon, the beliefs of individual religions are minimised and downplayed. It doesn’t matter what faith you follow, since all are expressions of ‘the divine potential’ latent inside humanity. It thus becomes easy for apostate missionaries to affirm an individual’s belief system, and then ‘tweak’ it slightly by suggesting the person ‘add Jesus’.

The Roman Empire had a huge pantheon of gods because the deities of conquered peoples were never destroyed, but simply incorporated in Rome’s existing belief structure. Christians and Jews were thus hated more than any other people, since they insisted even unto death that Yahweh was the only true God, and that no other so-called god deserved their worship. Modern-day missionaries  lack this kind of courage and zeal. Their gospel ignores the power of the Holy Spirit to change hearts, and lacks belief in Christ’s ability to defend all those who come to him. It is a gospel that supports Babylon’s humanist goals for a compliant and distracted global population, which offers people clean water but fails to show them how to truly cleanse their soul.


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